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GIURISPRUDENZA Scuola di Giurisprudenza


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School of Law (sito della Scuola in lingua italiana)



Information about: Enrollment of EU Students, Enrollment of non-EU Students, Erasmus Students, Students from Brazil, Catering and Accommodation.


Degree Programmes and Courses

Information about: Courses Taught in English, First Cycle Degrees (L), Second Cycle Degrees (LM), Single Cycle Degrees (LM c.u.), International Degree Programmes, Single Courses, Specialisation Schools, Master Courses, Advanced Study Programmes, PhD.


Scientific Research

Information about: Research Grants, Research Products, PhD.


International Relations

Cooperation Agreements, EU Programmes, Promotion of International Activities, Cooperation for Development.


Innovation & Knowledge Transfer

Information about: CSAVRI, Patents and Copyrights, Spin-offs, Research Labs, Foundation for Research and Innovation, Orientation and Job Placement.


Language Centre


Cultural Centre for Foreigners


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