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GIURISPRUDENZA Scuola di Giurisprudenza

Incoming students

Foreign students willing to study in Florence within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme or of a bilateral agreement and students who have already chosen our School of Law may find in this page some documents with the first information useful to organize their study period.


Welcome day 11th September 2019 (pfd)


Studiare a Firenze (pdf) - Handbook for students at the University of Florence 


Guide for incoming students of the School of Law (pdf)


Check-list (pdf)




List of subjects of the Law School – academic year 2019-2020 


List of the courses taught in English available for Erasmus+  law students, academic year 2019/2020 (School of Law, School of Political Sciences, School of Economics & Business).

For detailed information about each course and its contents, please click HERE . Then click "Course search" at the bottom of the menu on the left hand side and put the exact name of the course in the first field of the new page.


Academic calendar of the Law School (pdf)

Timetable of 2019/20: first semester (pdf)


Academic calendar of the School of Economics & Business and the School of Political Sciences.

Timetable of the first semester 2019/20: School of Economics & Business and School of Political Sciences.


In case a course is divided according to the surname initial, exchange students may choose which course to attend.


Students willing to enrol in one or more courses not withing the framework of a bilateral agreement may find useful information here "Single Subjects (or Courses)".

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