Grades are entered by professors and accepted by students through an online service called Students online services - SOL.

The exam dates calendar is structured so as not to overlap with the course calendar, and it is as follows:


  • 5 dates at the end of the first semester (December - February) of which 1, in the month of December at the end of the courses, and 4 in the months of January and February, one 14 days apart from the other at least;
  • 4 dates at the end of the second semester (June - July) one 14 days apart from the other at least.  The last date will be on the second half of the month of July;
  • 1 date in September.


The various dates, corresponding to the beginning of the exam, are scheduled within each of the following sessions :


December 9-22 2021 1 date    Calendar 
January 10-February 28 2022 4 dates one 14 days apart from the other at least
April 2022 1 date

for double degrees only

June 6-July 29 2022 4 dates

one 14 days apart from the other at least and the last in the second half of July

September 1-12 2022 1 date  

Info on exam procedure

According to the guidelines of the University:

Exams session’s reservations will be closed 4 days before the session’s start.

Written exam could be in person. For the students who could not attend the written exam in person, there will be an oral exam online.

The oral exam could be attended in two ways, in person or online at the student's choosing, only if there will be 30 or less students enrolled for the courses of the first year of the Master's degree in Law, or 20 for the other exams.
Students that choose to take the exam in person must express the preferred modality in the “note” section when enrolling for the exam. The professor will inform the students about the  modality of the exam after checking the total number of students enrolled for the exam.

When the number of students enrolled will be more than 30 or 20, the exam will be held remotely for all students.
The students attending the exam in person will enter the university buildings through their QR code.


Grades are always expressed in thirtieths.  The exam is deemed to be passed with a minimum grade of eighteen thirtieths. Should the candidate obtain a maximum score, Cum Laude distinction can be given if unanimously expressed.  Exam results are communicated timely by the examination board President through electronic procedure. 


All exam types are governed, in accordance to each legal system, within the degree program’s academic regulations.


How to sign up for the exams

To sign up students have to use their registration number ("numero di matricola") and their password.



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